So far the highlight of my week was meeting George Clon-ey

So far the highlight of my week was meeting George Clon-ey

A sprinkle of spontaneity can really spark up your day!

As I arrived in St Pancras I saw a camera and a crowd. I was curious and excited to see what was happening. I swanned over with a big smile on my face and said what’s happening here?
A lady said, we are promoting GRIND coffee.

The branding was pink and the exact shade of my hair colour; I thought ….. well this is a great opportunity to collaborate.

I offered to take some selfies and create some stories and they were pleased. It was a great fit I love coffee and love everything pink.

Next what happened was the PR company approached me and offered to share my profile and picture with they’re 270K audience.

By 11am I was contacted by an organisation who would like to book me for a speaking job where I talk about The power of personally branding.

It all stated with me being curious and thinking about what can I do to help them promote their awesome coffee.

Happy Wednesday 💃🏽
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