Are you ready!

Are you ready!

On your marks, get set, Go!!!

“If you’re running a race as fast as you can, the amount of energy and time it would take to look back to see how close the other person is from you could be the very thing that causes you to slow down.” – Oprah Winfrey

One-hundreth of a second can be the difference between first place or second.

We spend so much time looking to see what other people are doing, we slow ourselves down.

Start running your own race as fast as you can.

Don’t look back.

This week I’ve watch so many TED TALKS.
I have been looking to see what others have done in hope to get some inspiration for my own TED Talk.

What I’ve found is that it’s actually been a distraction. Comparing my message to others has slowed me down.

This year alone I have delivered more than thirty talks, some in real life others online and I love what I do.

The client or organiser briefs me on the topic and the people who will be in the audience and then I create a bespoke powerful talk.

This is not the case when delivering a TED TALK.
What you get to do is share an idea that you think is worth spreading. You get to talk about whatever you want!

Anything I want? 🥴

To be continued……
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