Talk Like TED

Talk Like TED

Have you ever wondered why some speakers leave an unforgettable impact on their audience?

The secret lies not just in the content they deliver but in how they deliver it.

As we delve into the art of communication, it becomes clear: storytelling isn’t just an art; it’s a strategic tool that transforms presentations from mundane to memorable.

My passion for storytelling is driven by an intense study of TED Talks and the insights from the book Talk Like TED. 

These platforms champion the idea that storytelling is more than entertainment—it’s a powerful means to embed ideas and emotions into the audience’s mind.

Dale Carnegie, a pioneer in public speaking, encapsulated this when he said, “The great truths of the world have often been couched in fascinating stories.” Like Carnegie, I believe in borrowing the brilliance of the past, like Socrates, to convey compelling truths today.

Why is storytelling so effective?

The science is clear: stories engage our brains, allowing ideas and emotions to be planted deeply. This is why I’ve dedicated myself to mastering storytelling, ensuring that every talk I deliver isn’t just heard but felt and remembered. Brian Stevenson’s TEDx talk exemplifies this, harnessing the “POW” of storytelling by balancing pathos (65% stories), logos (25% logic and data), and ethos (10% credibility) to captivate his audience profoundly.

When I speak, I follow this proven formula, focusing on delivering passionate, emotive stories supported by logical data, while a brief introduction by the organizer establishes my credibility.

This approach allows me to dive straight into the heart of storytelling, engaging the audience immediately and creating a lasting impact.

The takeaway is clear: if you want your next event to resonate deeply with your audience, choosing a speaker who excels in storytelling is crucial.

I’m here to bring this dynamic and powerful form of communication to your stage, ensuring your audience leaves not just informed, but inspired.

Ready to transform your event with the power of storytelling?


Ife Thomas

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