The Elastic Mindset: Navigating Change in the Tech World

The Elastic Mindset: Navigating Change in the Tech World

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, adaptability isn’t just a desirable skill; it’s a critical survival tool. I’m Ife Thomas, and my mission is to guide organisations through this transformative journey with what I call the ‘Elastic Mindset.’

The concept of the Elastic Mindset goes beyond Carol Dweck’s famous growth and fixed mindsets. It’s about stretching our capabilities, embracing change, and adapting to new technologies. Imagine an elastic band – when stretched, it expands. This is the potential we unlock when we embrace change.

One influential figure in the business world, Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, famously said, ‘If the rate of change outside your organisation is faster than the rate of change inside your organisation, the end is near.’ Known for his dynamic leadership and innovative management strategies, Welch transformed GE into one of the world’s most successful companies, highlighting the importance of adaptability in business.

As a speaker, I dive into how we can stop resisting change and start being intrapreneurs within our organisations. How can we transform fear and resistance into innovation and growth? How can each one of us contribute to making our companies agile and future-ready?

If you’re ready to inspire change, adaptability, and intrapreneurial thinking in your organisation, I’m here to ignite that conversation.

The power of change is one of my most requested talks.

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