The Power to Choose Your Thoughts..

The Power to Choose Your Thoughts..

Discipline. It’s not a dirty word. In fact, discipline is the key to doing what needs to be done, especially when we don’t feel like doing it. As a motivational speaker and mindset and confidence coach, I can tell you, motivation isn’t a constant companion. It’s fleeting. But what remains constant? Discipline.

Our thoughts hold immense power. The words we whisper to ourselves, the thoughts we allow to linger – they shape our reality. In my work, mostly with adults striving to achieve their goals, the first question I ask is: “What’s stopping you from reaching your goals?” The answers vary, but they often revolve around external factors. While some of these can’t be changed and aren’t your fault, there’s one aspect you are entirely in control of: your thoughts. And controlling them requires discipline.

Let me share a moment from this morning with my son. He was struggling with a new toothbrush head – it was uncomfortable and caused him pain. Despite switching to manual brushing, he couldn’t let go of the discomfort from before. Stuck in a loop of pain, I encouraged him to shift his thoughts. “Think about something you love,” I said. For him, it was the number two, always yellow in his world of animation and shapes. But soon, he was back to thinking about the toothbrush. It was a clear example of how easily we return to thoughts of pain instead of peace.

Here’s the thing: most people choose pain over peace every day.
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