The Power of Connection

The Power of Connection

One of my favourite topics to speak on is the incredible power of connection, a theme that resonates deeply through personal stories from my life.

In a world increasingly focused on diversity and inclusion, my unique perspective as a black, female, and autistic individual offers a rich insight into these crucial conversations.

Recently, a chance encounter at my local nail bar underscored this beautifully.

While getting my nails done, I struck up a conversation with the woman beside me, Punam.

Our immediate connection was undeniable. She shared that she’s an interpreter specializing in sign language for universities and colleges—a revelation that sparked an idea.

With International Women’s Day approaching, I knew Punam’s skills would bring a vital layer of inclusivity to my talk. She enthusiastically agreed to join me, and after a preparatory Zoom call, we found ourselves sharing a stage.

This experience was a powerful testament to the unexpected, transformative connections that enrich our lives and work.

Punam isn’t just an interpreter; she infuses her work with a unique style, energy, and light, making events accessible and inclusive.

If you’re looking to open your next event to broader communities, I highly recommend her services. Interested? Send me a DM, and I’ll connect you with Punam.

Let’s embrace the power of connection and make every space we occupy more inclusive and welcoming for all.

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