The Story Behind the Confidence Star…

The Story Behind the Confidence Star…

Last week, during an International Women’s Day event, we witnessed a moment of pure joy that I’ll never forget.

Natalie found the “Confidence Star” hidden under her chair, and her excitement was a beautiful reminder of why we started this journey.

The Confidence Star is more than just a star-shaped mirror.

It carries powerful affirmations: I am somebody, I am good enough, I can do anything, I like myself.

This idea originated a decade ago for my son, Quincy, who was diagnosed with autism.

We wanted to encourage him to embrace self-love and confidence through daily affirmations.

Watching Quincy, alongside his brother, classmates, and our community, grow into their confidence was nothing short of miraculous.

From a single spark of hope for my son, the Confidence Star has traveled worldwide, finding homes in schools across the UK, and even as far as Australia, America, Canada, Spain, France, Brazil, Somalia, and Nigeria.

Our mission to encourage unshakable self-confidence has only expanded.

Gifting a Confidence Star to Natalie was a highlight, but my dream is to share this gift of confidence more broadly.

As we approach Easter, for every Confidence Star purchased, we will donate one to a hospital or school. It’s our way of continuing to spread confidence, one star at a time.

If you’re looking to bring a little more confidence into your life or someone else’s, now is the perfect time. 

Order your Confidence Star here.. 

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