The Star Effect: Shaping Self-Belief…

The Star Effect: Shaping Self-Belief…

Today was a day of revelation—the Confidence Star shone its true light into my life. This little invention of mine, born out of the need to nurture confidence in my son following his autism diagnosis, has found its way into schools, hospitals, and homes across the globe. I’ve always believed in the power of its message, often telling people who couldn’t get a star to just hold onto the words, repeat them in the mirror, and let them sink in.


But something profound happened today. As my sister, the rock who’s stood by my dad through thick and thin, especially since lockdown, attempted to share these affirming words with our 89-year-old father, we stumbled upon a truth. Dad resisted—“No, I can’t. I’m not good enough,” he insisted, shying away from saying those empowering words.


“What’s the matter?” I asked when they came out from the bathroom, a flicker of concern passing between us. She confided his reluctance, and that’s when it clicked: “Have him look into the star,” I suggested. Dad approached the star, and looked into it!


It was that ‘aha’ moment for me—it’s not just about knowing the words, it’s about seeing them, feeling their weight, their meaning. That star-shaped mirror, with its affirmation loudly proclaimed, serves as a tangible stamp of approval. It invites you to read, to speak without hesitation, allowing the brain to absorb without prejudice whether you believe the words or not.


The moment my dad embraced the star’s message not once, but twice. And it dawned on me—this star isn’t solely for children or high-flying executives in need of a positive boost, nor just for the parents juggling life’s chaos. It’s for our grandparents, our great-grandparents—it’s for everyone we hold dear.


So this Christmas, let’s give a gift that truly keeps on giving—the Confidence Star, a beacon for those we love to hold onto. It’s more than just a gift; it’s an affirmation, a declaration, a mirror reflecting the very best of who they are and can be.

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