The WORD Resilience is being Misused..

The WORD Resilience is being Misused..

Dear beautiful soul…

There’s a dark side of “Resilience” when encouragement becomes a burden!

Today, I wish to delve into a term that has been deeply personal and yet, controversial in recent times: resilience. The very word that once represented strength, tenacity, and the spirit of perseverance has, today, taken on a more triggering connotation. Let me explain.


In my early days, I was enchanted by the world of dance, and one competition in Gravesend stands out. The ever-energetic Len Goodman, whose presence always lit up the arena, would hand out t-shirts bearing motivational slogans like “Winners never quit, quitters never win” and “Success comes in cans, not can’ts.” As a young dancer, these words became my mantras. They were not just about sweat and physical rigour but also about the mental strength required to achieve those awe-inspiring moves.


Yet, as I transitioned from the entertainment world to the corporate arena, I found that the same principles that helped me achieve physical fitness could be applied to mental fitness. Hence, my venture, Mind Workout, was born. It’s not just about external achievements but the internal grit, the mindset shifts, and the mental rehearsals that propel us to greatness.


However, as we experience life today, post pandemic, the term “resilience” has been distorted. What once signified the drive to push through challenges when pursuing a passion now seems to suggest suppressing emotions and “sucking it up”. Resilience, in its true essence, was about continuing the journey despite the hurdles, not about dismissing genuine struggles or emotions.


Picture this: If a marathon runner injures their ankle midway, would we shout “keep going” or tend to their wounds? The misapplication of resilience today is akin to urging that injured runner to continue, ignoring their pain. Resilience shouldn’t be a tool to invalidate struggles.


I’m not here as a mere cheerleader, throwing around words of encouragement indiscriminately. I’m here to support, understand, and guide. The only time I’d cheer you on without pause is if you’re wholeheartedly chasing a dream. But if you stumble, face challenges, or feel overwhelmed, my words would be of understanding and support, not of blind perseverance.


If you’re in search of a speaker who can genuinely connect, communicate, and resonate with your audience, guiding them towards self-awareness and growth, then I’m your person. 


What I am NOT is a generic motivator who’d blindly urge you to “keep going”. My purpose is to understand, to empathise, and to guide accordingly. Because true resilience is not about ignoring the pain but understanding how to navigate through it.


Happy Sunday 🫶🏾

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