There’s something thrilling about connecting with a client

There’s something thrilling about connecting with a client

One of my absolute favourite parts of the speaking process is the briefing call. There’s something thrilling about connecting with a client, learning about their audience, and understanding the impact they want my words to have. This stage of preparation is where the magic begins for me, much like an artist envisioning their masterpiece.

Speaking of art, I often find myself reflecting on Michelangelo’s approach to sculpting the David. The story goes that he meticulously searched for the perfect piece of marble. Once found, he dedicated two years to sculpting, chiseling, and polishing until what remained was the iconic statue. When asked about his process, Michelangelo said he simply removed anything that wasn’t the David, leaving only the essence behind.

While I, in no way, compare myself to Michelangelo or his masterpiece, this story resonates deeply with me as a speaker.

Just as Michelangelo saw David within the marble, I see the potential impact of a speech within the objectives of a briefing call.

My task is to carve out the message, refine it, and tailor it in a way that leaves the audience with something as impactful and memorable as the David. Each word, each pause, each inflection is chiseled with intention.

The art of speaking, much like sculpting, is about removing the superfluous and focusing on the essential. It’s a process of discovery, creativity, and meticulous crafting. Every new briefing call is an opportunity to start with a fresh block of marble, ready to be transformed into something that can inspire, move, and leave a lasting impression.

So, here’s to the art of speaking – where words are our marble, and every speech is a chance to create something timeless.

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