Turning Visualisation Upside Down

Turning Visualisation Upside Down

How often do you find yourself thinking over things you don’t want in your life?

As someone who has been a motivational speaker and mindset and confidence coach for over 10 years, I’ve spent a lot of time teaching people about the power of visualisation.

But today, let’s dive into a less common, but equally important, topic: the impact of focusing on what we don’t want.

To explain visualisations simply, we can break it down into four easy parts: Visualisation, Intensity, Duration, and Frequency (V.I.D.F. for short).

First, picture clearly what you want for your future. Then, feel all the emotions that achieving this vision would bring you.

Try to hold onto this vision and feeling for at least 17 seconds (a tip I picked up from Abraham Hicks in “The Vortex”).

Lastly, make sure to repeat this process often to make it really effective.

But what happens when we flip this process on its head and focus on the things we don’t want?

This is what I call reverse engineering visualisation.

Think about something you don’t want to happen, feel all the bad emotions it brings up, keep that image and feeling in your mind for over 17 seconds, and repeat it regularly. It might sound odd, but it’s something we all do without realising.

Focusing on negative outcomes and repeatedly thinking about them can, surprisingly, bring them into our reality.

This isn’t meant to scare you or make you feel guilty about your thoughts. Rather, it’s a reminder that being aware of our mental habits can significantly shape the path we find ourselves on.

Being mindful of our thoughts and understanding how powerful they can be is a key step to controlling our future and making sure we’re steering it in a direction we’re happy with.

Let’s be the watchful keepers of our own minds, navigate through our thoughts and emotions carefully, and actively drive ourselves towards a future filled with our true desires and dreams.

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