Confidence is the Byproduct of Knowing

Confidence is the Byproduct of Knowing

A decade ago, when I began discussing the brain and its remarkable ability to reorganise and transform itself, I was often met with scepticism and laughter. However, my convictions were unshakeable, as my energy was deeply entwined with understanding the neuroscience behind it. Neuroplasticity, or the brain’s potential to reform its connections throughout life, sat at the core of my beliefs and my foundational work.


Reflecting on my early days, dancing was a window into understanding this. At a young age, I found myself unconsciously rehearsing routines in my mind, visualising my performances, and feeling the steps before physically executing them. It was a natural instinct to enhance my physical performance by mentally embedding the movements. And this isn’t unique to dancers; this principle can seamlessly weave into all aspects of our lives.


The Confidence Star, a tool I developed, is rooted in these very principles of neuroplasticity and the transformative power of the brain. It’s more than a methodology; it’s an emblem of the belief that our minds are capable of remarkable change and growth. This becomes particularly evident when we explore realms such as neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and quantum physics theory, particularly in their applications to mindset.


Every organisation aims for innovation, productivity, and progression, and it all starts with the mind. Expanding the mind is intimately tied to our thoughts, which carve neural pathways and create a habitual thinking pattern, disrupting the notion that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. The change I’ve witnessed in numerous clients affirms that this isn’t true.


One notable journey was with a transplant surgeon I coached. Highly intelligent and capable, he was stalled by thought patterns that hindered his progression. After four weeks of working together, plus an additional two months of voice interactions, we began reshaping his thoughts. Previously unsuccessful, post our sessions and with continued work, he passed his consultant transplant surgeon exam. This metamorphosis occurred not just in his career but on a foundational cognitive level, demonstrating that no matter your background or profession, these principles are universally applicable.


As I prepare to speak this month - at a girls’ Catholic school, a music entertainment company, and a tech company - each diverse in its nature, my core message remains consistent: the brain’s extraordinary capacity to change. I’ll delve into neuroscience and neuroplasticity, providing them with tools to encourage growth, think differently, develop, communicate effectively, and ultimately, feel profoundly good.


My journey, both personal and professional, substantiates that this approach not only works but flourishes across varied fields and life stages. Our minds, intricate and powerful, are waiting for us to harness their full potential, and I’m here, ever-excited, to continue share this knowledge.

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