"What Does Arnold Schwarzenegger Have in Common with Michelangelo?

"What Does Arnold Schwarzenegger Have in Common with Michelangelo?

Today, I'm thrilled to be invited as an expert guest on BBC Radio Edinburgh to discuss the intriguing topic of Talent vs. Work Ethic. Having dedicated my work to exploring this very subject, I've witnessed countless success stories where hard work triumphs over talent.


One formula I often share in my talks, whether to executives, leaders, or new starters, stems from the wisdom of my mentor, Brian Tracy. It revolves around a three-part equation that shapes our success in life. Let's delve into it:


IA (Inborn Attributes): These are the things we're born with, our natural inclinations and strengths.

AA (Acquired Attributes): This encompasses the skills and knowledge we learn, practice, and develop over time.

A (Attitude): It's our approach to each situation, how we tackle challenges and setbacks encountered throughout our lives.


By combining our Inborn and Acquired Attributes and bolstering them with the right Attitude, we unlock our Individual Human Potential. While we can't change what we were born with, we have the power to enhance our skills and knowledge whenever we choose. Among these three factors, our Attitude is the one we can transform right now.

Attitude is the key, and nurturing relationships is vital.

Reflecting on Arnold Schwarzenegger's documentary, I found myself smiling because his words about attitude and work ethic mirror the principles I coach my clients on daily. To sculpt his body and win Mr. Universe, Arnold had a crystal-clear vision. Every day, he trained with a determination to match the strength and aesthetics of the vision in his mind. At the age of 19, he would sit in silence, envisioning greatness, Hollywood movies, and financial success.

Similarly, Michelangelo's story resonates. He visualised David in his mind before he even began sculpting. Selecting the perfect slab of marble, he painstakingly chiseled away anything that didn't align with his vision until only David remained.

Both extraordinary individuals held onto their visions, continuously sculpting until they transformed them into reality.

The crucial message here is that if you can envision what you want and are willing to work for it, the amount of talent you start with becomes inconsequential. You can develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become the person you aspire to be.

I've encountered many naturally talented individuals who fall short of achieving financial and professional success because they lack the willingness to work hard and nurture a positive attitude. Talent is undoubtedly valuable, but it alone won't propel you to the top of your field.

Join me today at 10:30 on BBC Radio Edinburgh as we delve deeper into this conversation. Let's explore how attitude and determination shape our paths to success.


Remember, it's not just talent that counts—vision, attitude, and relentless effort play significant roles in our journey. Tune in and be inspired!


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