Why I Decided to Stop Doing Instagram Stories: Embracing Real-Life Connections

Why I Decided to Stop Doing Instagram Stories: Embracing Real-Life Connections


In the midst of the global lockdown, I found solace in social media, particularly Instagram stories. It became a platform for me to spread motivation, positivity, and act as a cheerleader for those in need. However, as time went on, I began to feel a shift in my priorities. This blog post aims to delve into the reasons why I ultimately decided to step away from Instagram stories and embrace real-life connections.

Initial Purpose: Motivation During Lockdown
When I first started using Instagram stories, my intention was clear: to keep people motivated during the challenging period of lockdown. I wanted to create a space where individuals could find daily doses of inspiration, and I was passionate about being a positive voice during uncertain times. Sharing motivational content became my way of contributing to the online community.

Growing Disconnect: Online vs. Offline Presence
Over time, I realized that my focus on Instagram stories was causing a growing disconnect between my online and offline presence. While I was dedicated to spreading positivity virtually, I felt a longing to have a more significant impact on a larger scale. I craved the opportunity to speak to big groups, engage with people in person, and create a more profound connection.

Authenticity and Meaningful Connections
As I reflected on my digital presence, I began to question the authenticity of the connections I was making through Instagram stories. Although I received numerous positive messages and engagements, I couldn't help but feel that the depth of these interactions was limited. I longed for more meaningful connections, genuine conversations, and the ability to make a lasting impact in people's lives.

Real-Life Presence
Recognising the importance of face-to-face interactions, I made a conscious decision to prioritize being present in real life and offline. While Instagram stories provided a platform to reach a wide audience, it lacked the personal touch and genuine connection that only physical interactions can offer. I realized that speaking to big groups and engaging with people directly would allow me to have a more profound and lasting impact.

I am happy with my decision 
Deciding to stop doing Instagram stories was a difficult but necessary step in my personal and professional growth. While it served as a powerful tool for spreading motivation and positivity during the lockdown, I yearned for more authentic connections and the opportunity to engage with people on a deeper level. By shifting my focus towards real-life presence and speaking to large groups, I hope to make a lasting impact in the lives of others and contribute to positive change on a broader scale.

Embracing the power of in-person connections has allowed me to step into a new chapter filled with meaningful interactions and genuine human connections.

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