Why Visualising Your Dream Matters—Whether It’s a Car, School, or Even Stevie Wonder

Why Visualising Your Dream Matters—Whether It’s a Car, School, or Even Stevie Wonder

You have dreams. Maybe it’s driving a dream car, sending your child to an ideal school, or experiencing a live performance from Stevie Wonder. You might think, “I can’t afford this,” or “I’m not ready.” Stop right there.

1. The Dream Car

You don’t need a flush bank account to test drive your dream car. All you need is a driver’s license. The first time I sat in an Aston Martin, I had less than £100 in my account. I wasn’t there to buy; I was there to experience. This is a key step in what I teach as the “Power of Five” principle: See it, Feel it, Visualise it, Duration, and Frequency.

2. The Perfect School

When the school we wanted for our eldest son initially said they couldn’t meet his needs, we didn’t take no for an answer. We made a vision board, added his photo with a digitally added school logo, and updated it as needed. Three years later, through consistent visualising, he’s now enrolled in that very school.

3. The Long Shot: Stevie Wonder

Now let’s talk about those ‘pipe dream’ moments. I once had the dream of having Stevie Wonder perform at my wedding. When we found out it would cost £1.8 million, it was so far beyond our budget it was almost laughable. But he’s still on my vision board, because dreams don’t have expiration dates.

The Evolution of the Vision Board

Everything significant I’ve achieved—from my current car to my partner Terrence’s career goals—started on my vision board. This isn’t just a piece of cardboard; it’s an ever-changing snapshot of our aspirations.

The Core Message

It’s not about how much your dreams cost; it’s about visualising them in a way that makes them part of your reality. This is a central theme in what I teach, especially through my “Power of Five” principle. Visualising helps to engrain these goals deeply into your mind, which in turn activates the Law of Attraction.

So go ahead. Start visualising, start experiencing, and most importantly, start believing. Your dreams are closer than you think.
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