Affirmations Don’t Work. Or Do They?

Affirmations Don’t Work. Or Do They?

They don’t work if you don’t believe they will.

This morning, I awoke from a nightmare that vividly depicted my deepest fear about the Confidence Star. In the dream, a vast sports hall was filled with girls, each holding their own Confidence Star. But, to my dismay, they had replaced its powerful, intentional words with their own affirmations.

This fear mirrors my real concern: many don’t understand the true power of the phrases “I am somebody,” “I am good enough,” “I can do anything,” “I like myself.” These aren’t random, feel-good statements; they are specifically designed to combat the harmful, internal dialogues that plague our minds.

Our inner critic doesn’t accuse us of being ‘weak,’ which ‘I am brave’ might counteract. Instead, it’s more insidious, whispering, “I am not good enough,” “I am stupid,” “I am ugly,” “I am forgetful,” “I am lazy,” “I can’t do anything right,” “I am never good enough,” “I wish I were someone else,” “I hate myself.”

The Confidence Star tackles these precise thoughts head-on. It’s not merely about positive thinking; it’s a deliberate reprogramming of our self-talk with effective, scientifically backed words.

In my experience, and the experience of thousands globally, those who commit to using the exact words of the Confidence Star for a minimum of two weeks see remarkable improvements. It’s a testament to the power of belief and consistency.

My son Quincy’s transformation is a case in point. From being non-verbal, struggling with autism, to becoming a thriving, expressive individual, it was these exact phrases from the Confidence Star that ignited his journey of self-belief and confidence.

And it’s not just Quincy. I hear countless stories of individuals who’ve used these phrases to conquer their fears, pass exams, step confidently onto stages, and transform their lives.

Weekly, I receive messages and emails from people who’ve seen real improvements, who’ve felt these words rise in their minds at critical moments, offering strength and reassurance.

On our website, you can explore case studies, like that of Lauren, an after-school teacher. 

She introduced the Confidence Star to her class and witnessed a profound transformation in her students. Initially hesitant, these young children began to embrace the affirmations, leaving class filled with newfound joy and confidence. Parents noticed the change and were amazed by the impact of the star.

These words work, but you have to be committed. Look in the star, say the words out loud, and repeat those four statements twice a day to keep negative thoughts away. This is my mantra, shared in arenas, sports halls, webinars, classrooms, and community centres.

Twice a day to keep negative thoughts away. That’s the key to harnessing the transformative power of the Confidence Star.

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