I learned to do business 👩🏾‍💼 the same way I learned ballet 🩰

I learned to do business 👩🏾‍💼 the same way I learned ballet 🩰

When asked about my qualifications, I reflect on the invaluable lessons from my dance training at the Urdang Academy. Dance didn’t just teach me movement; it instilled in me the discipline, confidence, and fearlessness crucial in every aspect of life. Through each challenging routine, I learned consistency, commitment, and the importance of pushing through discomfort.

The resilience I developed as a dancer has been fundamental in my journey through various industries, from corporate finance to coaching and now entering the tech world with MindWorkout Global and TerraTech. The skills of adaptability, perseverance, and performing under pressure, honed through dance, are the same skills that drive success in business.

Remember, the most significant qualifications often aren’t framed on a wall but are the experiences that shape who we are. My dance background is a testament to this, proving that success isn’t just about academic degrees but also about the life lessons that empower us to leap gracefully into new ventures.
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