Home is where The Confidence STAR is..

Home is where The Confidence STAR is..

When a parent brings The Confidence Star into the home, it’s a powerful moment.


We encourage them to introduce the star by gathering  the children together  and saying with heartfelt sincerity: ‘We’ve brought this star into our home because we believe in you, we love you, and what matters most is that you believe in and love yourself.’

This simple yet profound act of introducing the Confidence Star into your family space is about nurturing a positive environment.

It’s a space where banter, which can often be mistaken for in-house bullying, has no place, especially in homes like mine where being autistic means banter can be overwhelming.

Our Confidence Star isn’t just a beautiful object; it’s an opportunity for positivity and self-acceptance.

Positioned in a communal area, it serves as a daily reminder for the whole family to affirm their worth, to stand together in support, and to build each other up.

Think of the star as a daily routine, a moment for everyone, young and old, to pause and reflect.

A reminder that this home is a safe space, a place where every family member, regardless of their struggles, can find comfort and encouragement.


The Confidence Star isn’t just an addition to your home; it’s a commitment to making it a space of love, understanding, and mutual respect.


Bring a Confidence Star into your home.

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