Are you a radiator or drain?

Are you a radiator or drain?

There’s a special kind of magic in the Q&A sessions of my keynotes. 🎤✨ Some might shy away, but for me, it’s where the real connection happens. It’s my favorite part of any presentation because it’s unscripted, it’s real, and it allows me to tailor my insights to what truly resonates with the audience.

I’ve found that a 20-minute keynote followed by a generous 40-minute Q&A creates the perfect balance. It’s during these moments of back-and-forth that I can offer the most value, providing actionable and practical steps tailored to the audience’s needs.

One question that always pops up, especially when discussing workplace dynamics, is: ‘How do you deal with negative people, whether at home or at work?’ My first piece of advice? Take a moment to reflect – are you a radiator or a drain?

This self-awareness is crucial. Understanding how you show up in the world is the first step towards navigating relationships with others.

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