Finding Grace in the Gaps This Festive Season

Finding Grace in the Gaps This Festive Season

This week has been a curious mix of emotions for many, including myself, my clients, and friends. There’s been a noticeable dip in energy, a sort of pre-Christmas lull that seems to be in the air. It’s a reminder of how our mental health can fluctuate, especially around this time of year.

Christmas, with its magical appeal for children, can change as they grow up. The bright lights and the excitement of presents may dim, leaving us wondering how to keep that festive spirit alive. As a motivational speaker and mindset coach, I often reflect on these transitions.

Mental health around Christmas is a topic close to my heart, especially since I’ve been booked to speak on it recently. The pressure to feel jolly, to be constantly in the Christmas spirit, can sometimes be overwhelming. It’s important to remember that it’s okay not to feel bright and festive all the time.

As we near the year’s end, it’s common for ambitious, goal-driven individuals to reflect and sometimes feel a sense of underachievement. My advice? Find grace in the gaps. Cherish those small moments, those little pockets of joy, be it wearing a fun Christmas jumper, hugging a loved one, or playing your favorite Christmas tunes. These moments add up, creating memories that last.


So, if you find your spirits dipping, do something small that brings you joy. For me, it’s all about the Christmas music and jumpers! Let’s embrace these final days of the year with warmth and light, finding grace in the simple things that make this season special.

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