Viola Davis

Are you a strong woman?

International Women's Day has just passed and the internet was flooded with Female Empowering quotes.

I heard a quote by Viola Davis that left a mark on me! She said As a Black Women we must be strong, we build up tough skin, the only problem when you have tough skin is that you can’t feel anything.

It got me thinking; we spend so much time telling the world “I am a strong and I am powerful” is there a place where we can say I need help, I feel vulnerable?

You don’t have to be strong all the time!

Mental health has been stigmatised to the point where many of my black female clients don’t feel safe to share their trauma or challenges.

I remember when I was going through my autism diagnosis. The first question I asked the private assessor was …..will this be on my medical records? I was afraid that if people knew I was autistic they would take my children away.

Sounds ridiculous now, but back then it petrified me. I didn’t know any autistic women raising children! I didn’t know any autistic women!

I’ve navigated my mind through understanding my autism and can confidently say I love myself and know myself and create coping mechanisms that help me be my best self.

If you are dealing with crippling anxiety or any mental health challenges I want you to know it cannot and will not define you.

The first thing to do is OWN IT!

Until you identify what your dealing with you can only live with it! When you know! You can Grow with It!
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