Are you coachable?

Are you coachable?

This is a direct question I will ask you before I decide to take you on as a client.

If you say YES… the next question is how badly do you want to reach your goal.

The next question is… are you willing to make that mindset shift?

A few years ago a parent of a 17 year old girl contacted me and said I’m willing to pay whatever it takes to help my daughter build confidence and get rid of her anxiety.

During the first session I realised that this girl didn’t need hours of coaching. She needed guidance and support to help her understand her thoughts. I gave her a daily routine to follow and suggested she reads each chapter of my book and complete each task.

Everyday I asked her to message me when she had completed her daily routine. I got a text every morning for about 10 days saying done ✅

Then they stopped.

I checked in with her and she said! “ I am in charge of my mind and my emotions” thank you! I am doing good now. I’ve got this!

A few months later, she had completely changed the way she speaks to herself. She had put in place boundaries to remove toxic friendships. She had created coping mechanisms to help deal with stress, overwhelm and her anxiety.
She told me she felt in control.

Most of my clients work with me for 4 weeks.
But some one hour is enough.

I wrote Powerlift Your Career, that I have been told should be called powerlift your LIFE specifically to help others do the work on themselves by following the 12 steps.



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