Are You Willing to Own Your Shine?

Are You Willing to Own Your Shine?

Owning your shine is a phrase I coined to describe how each of us must own our personal power and how we must connect to our shine to keep us charged during the dark days!

Each of us enter the world fearless and full of possibilities. Along the way we get disconnected. That can be through trauma, grief, cruelty, poverty, violence and everything bad that you can imagine.

So how do we move through life with hope, happiness and excitement.

Oprah says that we must fulfil the truest, highest expression of ourselves!


Shonda Rhimes says we must tune into our hummm.

I say we must OWN our Shine.

Figure out what helps you to feel good and connected, hold onto that as tight as you can.

In my most recent TEDx Talk, I spoke about how I used the power of 5 to help me change my life.

Here’s a little clip... Created by Audacious Media led by Izu Samuel - @meetizusamuel 


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