Book Launch 📚💃🏽🚀

Book Launch 📚💃🏽🚀

Yesterday, at my book signing event at Magazine Heaven, I experienced something truly remarkable.

As a motivational, mindset, and confidence speaker, I’m accustomed to tailoring my talks to my audience, striving always to be relatable and inspirational through my storytelling.

But yesterday’s audience was exceptionally diverse, ranging from children as young as five to teens, to young adults, parents and grandparents in their 60s, including, entrepreneurs, Directors, entertainers, faith leaders, baristas, and more.

This diversity presented a unique challenge in delivering my message: ‘Never Give Up.’

I spent double my usual preparation time, walking in the shoes of each group in the audience, ensuring my stories resonated with everyone.

It was challenging, but the response was overwhelmingly positive, with each person taking away something meaningful.

A standout moment was speaking with a 14-year-old girl who shared that my message equipped her with tools to help her struggling friends. It struck me how many people attend my talks not just for themselves, but to support others in their lives facing mental health or self-love challenges.

So, to those who have someone in their life who’s struggling: the best thing you can do is listen. Really listen. Let them know you might not understand, but you want to.

Share their pain in a safe space. In my book ‘Finding Light in the Darkness,’ I talk about the importance of not rushing to ‘switch on the light’ in their moments of darkness. Instead, sit with them in that darkness. Avoid hastily offering solutions; sometimes, the most powerful thing you can do is just be there, in their discomfort, listening.

Only when they feel truly heard, ask for permission to help ‘turn on the light.’ This approach, I believe, is the essence of genuine support and friendship.

Thank you to those who came and supported my first event of the year!
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