Have you ever caught yourself self-sabotaging?

Have you ever caught yourself self-sabotaging?

I sure have.

Once upon a time, I dreamt of playing Nala in The Lion King. Yet, every audition became a battlefield not against competition, but against myself. Swapping songs at the last minute, staying up late, I was my own biggest hurdle.

It wasn’t just the fear of failure; it was the fear of ‘what if I actually succeed?’


I even printed out a picture and put it on my vision board back then, but if you work against the vision by not taking action then it’s just a DREAM BOARD.

This year, let’s tackle this head-on.

Self-sabotage is sneaky, it’s missing that train to an important event, deciding you look ‘too good’ and changing outfits at the last moment, or giving in to that late-night snack.

It’s our mind’s way of protecting us from the unknown, even if that unknown is success. But here’s the thing – real growth, real change, happens outside our comfort zones.

So, as we’re a week into 2024, let’s reflect. Where did you self-sabotage this week? And where did you triumph over it? Remember, you can’t expect new results with old habits.

Change is the key.

I’ve started my year with no Starbucks and no alcohol, with the goal to stretch my body literally, (neck rolls) every day.

What’s your change going to be?

Watch out for those self-sabotage traps – they’re often hidden in plain sight.

Let’s make 2024 the year we embrace success, not run from it.

You’ve got this! 💪🏾

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