New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t the Answer - Goal Setting Is….

New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t the Answer - Goal Setting Is….

As we step into 2024, let’s talk about why New Year’s resolutions often fall short, and how the real game-changer is goal-setting. It’s common to hear people say they keep their goals in their heads, but that’s a major no-no. The act of writing your goals down is a powerful declaration to the universe that you’re serious.

Wishes stay in your head; goals get written down on paper. If you’ve never written down a goal, now is the time to start. Take a page out of Brian Tracy’s book: get a piece of lined paper and write down your goals, one to ten. Write them in the present tense, as if they’ve already happened – “I earn,” “I weigh,” “I have,” “I did.”

Last year, I wrote, “I have delivered a TEDx talk, I have written my second book, and it’s available on Audible.” It wasn’t until November that I added, “I have my book on Audible.” And guess what? Today, I received an email confirming that in 10 days, my audiobook will be live on Audible!

This is the power of writing down your goals. It might not guarantee success, but it significantly increases your chances. These goals become more than thoughts; they’re physical entities in the world, not just in your head.

On this first day of the year, I urge you to grab a piece of paper and jot down a few goals. According to Brian once you’ve written 10 goals in the present tense, circle the one that will most impact all the others. Focus on that. Write it down daily as if it’s already true, and ask yourself what steps are needed to achieve it.

I’ve been doing this exercise with my children for years, and the transformation is remarkable. I’ve seen the power of writing down my goals, and I want to share this with you.

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